Horizon Scanning in the New Zealand Health System

Horizon scanning is a process or system which seeks to systematically and proactively identifycurrent, new, and emerging health technologies with the potential to significantly impactpatients, other stakeholders and the healthcare system. The horizon scanning process may covera range of technologies including medicines, medical devices, vaccines, tests, diagnostics, andmodels of care. It aims to facilitate timely, […]

Economic Importance of the Macquarie Park Innovation District in the Local, State, and National Economy

Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) is Australia’s first innovation district, home to the world class Macquarie University, headquarters of multi-national organisations, start-up, scale-up and established Australian businesses across a variety of high growth, high value adding sectors including financial services, professional, scientific, and technical services, property services, information media, telecommunications, and health. MPID has been […]

Biointelect and CR2O forge new strategic partnership to provide advanced end-to-end commercialisation solutions for the life science sector globally

Driving more efficient and accelerated results from pre-clinical trials to commercialisation of new therapies for Australian, European and U.S. firms. The full innovation journey offering for Biointelect, a strategic life science consulting company, and CR2O, a leading contract research organisation, has reached new heights, with Australian, European and U.S. clients now able to tap into […]

National Cell and Gene Manufacturing Blueprint

With the rapid and ongoing global growth of cell and gene (C&G) products, there is an opportunity for Australia to be a regional C&G hub. This report was commissioned by AusBiotech and delivered by Biointelect to build on 2021’s Regenerative Medicines Consortium Programme and produce a National Blueprint for the strategic growth and development of […]

Bringing Patient Centricity to Life in Australian Healthcare

The current healthcare environment in Australia offers various opportunities for stakeholders, including patients, to engage with the health system and government in reform efforts. These opportunities arise from factors such as increased awareness of the importance of efficient approval processes for medicines and vaccines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing reviews of health technology assessment […]

The Value of Vaccines: A Tale of Two Parts

Since the mid-20th century, vaccination has globally been an integral component of strategies to prevent and eradicate infectious diseases. Australia, like many countries, uses health technology assessment (HTA) processes to evaluate the clinical, cost-effectiveness and budget impact of medicines, including vaccines, to determine whether they get funded. Critically, HTA typically only measures patient health and […]

Funding Innovative Medicines Whitepaper

Australia has a unique opportunity to reform the way it evaluates and funds medicines and vaccines, toensure that Australians are among the first in the world to access new technologies. This is a policyobjective of the Australian Government that is shared by the medicines industry. Reforms to Australia’sPharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and National Immunisation Program […]

Strengthening Australia’s Approach to Horizon Scanning for New Therapies

Horizon scanning is a process or system which seeks to systematically identify and assess the potential impact of new and emerging health technologies on patients and other healthcare system stakeholders.  This facilitates proactive planning for the arrival of new health technologies. BMS convened the Shaping Healthcare Together Roundtable, under the Broadening the Evidence project, online […]

Submission to the PBAC on the Base Case Discount Rate

Discount rates reflect how society values future outcomes compared to present outcomes. When applied to medicines, inappropriately high discount rates disadvantage treatments which have longer term health benefits, such as preventative or curative treatments, disproportionately discriminating against patients who could benefit from treatments where the benefits are realised over a longer period of time. As […]

Accelerating Access to Innovative Medicines

In 2022, Janssen commissioned Biointelect to explore current approaches to reimbursement for new and promising medicines in Australia and internationally. The resulting report, Accelerating Access to Innovative Medicines analyses Australia’s current reimbursement pathways and compares them with international policies designed to accelerate access to medicines.  Research highlights that Australians are waiting longer for funded access […]