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Commercialisation Strategy​

Fuelled by passion and intellect, Biointelect carve out commercialisation strategies that push boundaries in the life science sector. 

Our Commercialisation Services

Biointelect partners with clients seeking to commercialise new technologies both locally and globally. We deliver innovative, cross-functional solutions across the product life cycle, from early-stage development through to launch and beyond.

We design bespoke commercial solutions in partnership with our sister company, Biocelect, a full-service pharmaceutical company.

Market Assessment

Comprehensive market analysis, including size of addressable market and patient population in domestic and international markets, and assessment of disease burden and unmet needs.

Corporate and Go-to Market Strategy

Crafting clear, forward-thinking and cross-functional corporate strategies that align with client’s vision
and objectives.

Competitive Landscape

Assessing and understanding the dynamics, players, and key factors that influence the market.

Modeling and Analytics

Building financial and economic modelling and completing data analysis to support corporate and product strategy and reimbursement requirements.

Biointelect adopts a 360° view that draws on the real-world experience of experts to empower your decision-makers with actionable insights that can drive growth, enhance efficiency, and fortify your competitive edge:

  • Tailored business case solutions that incorporate data analytics, process evaluation, and market trend assessment to unearth hidden opportunities for future success.
  • Leveraging deep industry expertise and analysis, we craft clear, forward-thinking corporate strategies aligned with your vision.
  • We support the execution of your plan through a range of strategic advisory services and project management of complex solutions that maximise successful outcomes.
  • Discover our tailored workshops for life science innovators to develop integrated strategy and gain actionable insights for successful commercialisation and new product launch outcomes.

Cross-functional solutions drawing in Biointelect’s expertise across market access, medical affairs, commercial, regulatory services, health economics and policy:

  • Pre-launch strategic planning workshops and advisory services to align internal stakeholders to a core strategic vision.
  • Australian and international experience and networks to develop effective reimbursement, medical affairs, commercial, regulatory, data, digital and stakeholder strategies and tactics across a broad range of therapeutic areas. 
  • Access to a network of trusted advisers and experts across major global markets to bring innovative thinking to your launch strategy.

Insights and expertise that empower you to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and strengthen your positioning in a rapidly evolving market:

  • Independent view of market potential through data and comprehensive analysis.
  • Identify addressable markets, refine target product profiles, validate value propositions, and model the competitive landscape.
  • In-depth competitive analysis to evaluate key players, market positioning, and emerging trends to provide you with a comprehensive view of your industry’s competitive dynamics, helping you to identify opportunities and threats.

Tailored design to support and guide your strategic decisions based on your product development plans and overarching goals.

  • Financial and health economic modelling for Australia and major global markets to deliver actionable insights for your portfolio and organisation.
  • Comprehensive valuation tool (rNPV model) to aid internal decision-making and help you understand what drives the value of your technology.
  • Analysis of drivers of product value from health economic/HTA perspectives in major global markets, demand modelling and pricing studies.

Why Biointelect for Commercialisation Strategy?

Patient First

Patient-Centred Approach

Prioritising patients, we streamline your path to market, ensuring your healthcare innovations reach them sooner.

Global Market Insights

Global Market Insights

Our global 360° view of the healthcare ecosystem and deep market expertise empower your project.


Extensive Networks

We connect with key figures in major markets, including clinicians, payers, policy makers, and industry experts, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your projects and the patients they serve.

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Wherever you are in your new product journey, Biointelect’s unique expertise across each stage of the life science value chain means we are ready to bring your innovative life science to market. 

Take the next steps in advancing healthcare for all by contacting our team of local Australian and global life science experts today.