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With a robust understanding of the life science ecosystem, our Biointelect team possess decades of experience working across a multitude of innovative health projects.

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Biointelect offer exciting and dynamic opportunities to work with a diverse range of clients on equally diverse challenges in commercialisation of medicines and biotherapeutics, and associated policy issues.

If you are looking to scale your career growth and play an integral role in advancing healthcare for all, why not join one of Australia’s leading biotech consulting firms.

Jennifer Herz

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

Jennifer Herz, GAICD, co-founded Biointelect in 2011, offering end-to-end strategic commercialisation services to the biopharmaceutical sector. She has over 30 years of experience in commercial, business development and scientific affairs within the biopharmaceutical industry across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  

Early in her career, she played a pivotal role at Sanofi Pasteur, establishing and managing the company as a major provider of vaccines in Australasia. She was also the founding Chair of the Medicines Australia Vaccine Industry Group and has extensive Board experience, serving for publicly listed private and not-for-profit organisations, including Medicines Australia. More recently, Jennifer took on Director roles in two NASDAQ-listed US-based biotech company subsidiaries in Australia, became a member of influential committees like the NHMRC’s Health Research Impact Committee, the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council, and the Australian AMR Network’s steering committee, and engaged in various international industry association working groups, fostering relationships with health authorities, the EU institutions, and the WHO.  

During her time leading Biointelect, she has overseen more than 450 projects, providing rich and diverse experience in the complexity of life science product development and integrated commercial strategy. This experience includes successful FDA, EMA and TGA approvals, global launches, and product and company failures, providing valuable learning opportunities. Jennifer has an extensive local and international network of industry, policy, scientific and clinical experts across many therapeutic areas and healthcare sectors, along with global experience in multiple new product launches and start-ups at all stages of development. 

Karl Herz


Karl Herz is one of the co-founders of Biointelect. He has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine, specialiasing in Biochemistry and Microbiology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Marketing from the University of Technology Sydney. His career spans laboratory work and senior management. 

Karl has honed extensive commercial expertise working with numerous multinational pharmaceutical companies, including GSK, Servier and Sanofi. During his career, he gained significant experience collaborating with stakeholders such as hospitals, healthcare specialists, primary care and pharmacy channels within a diverse range of therapeutic areas ranging from over-the-counter, generics, and prescription medicines.  

In his current capacity, Karl serves as a board member of Biointelect and holds the position of Managing Director at Biocelect, a company dedicated to the distribution of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products on behalf of firms seeking to launch their products in the Asia Pacific Region.  

David Grainger

Strategic Advisor

David Grainger has over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing, health outcomes research and corporate affairs within the pharmaceutical industry across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, and co-authored numerous health economics and health outcomes research publications. He holds a life sciences degree from the University of Auckland, majoring in haematology and transfusion science, and has studied management at the New Zealand Institute of Management and health economics at Monash University.  

David served as the Director of Corporate Affairs and Market Access at Eli Lilly Australia for 10 years, later becoming the Global Public Policy Director. In this role, he led the development of the company’s healthcare policy positions related to Health Technology Assessment (HTA). He played a significant role in industry association policy efforts, chairing the HTA Task Force for PhRMA International for six years and serving on the Board of Directors of HTA International for five years. He also became a member of the Policy Research Advisory Committee for the Office of Health Economics in London and lectured in the Masters of Pharmaceutical Medicine program at the University of New South Wales.  

David chairs the board of Biointelect and acts as a strategic advisor. His extensive industry experience and expertise in corporate affairs and health technology assessment make him a valuable asset to the organisation.  

Cheryl Maley

Interim CEO, former Novartis General Manager Oncology

Cheryl Maley brings over 25 years of commercial and strategic leadership expertise within the pharmaceutical industry. She holds an MBA from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Science and graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She also completed formal training with What-If Innovation (UK), Kellogg Institute (USA), Inventium (Australia) and RAW Innovation (Australia). 

Chery’s extensive experience encompasses product commercialisation, portfolio optimisation, pipeline evaluation, organisational transformation and team leadership across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US, with global and APAC regional responsibilities. She has a proven track record of building high-performing teams, specialising in therapeutic areas like immunology, neuroscience, oncology, and cell and gene therapies. Her expertise extends to assessing multiple markets for launch readiness and commercial partnerships in manufacturing, including CAR-T, Viral Vectors and RNA.  

Cheryl joined Biointelect in 2022, leading and contributing to multiple projects working with the NSW Government, AusBiotech, universities and research Institutes to advance innovation in healthcare in Australia and abroad. 

Dr Patricia Vietheer

Senior Director, Strategy, Business Development & Planning

Dr. Patricia Vietheer has 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry, specialising in the commercialisation of early-stage technologies and product development. She holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Monash University and an MBA majoring in Strategy and Planning from Deakin University. 

Throughout her career, Patricia has worked in diverse sectors, including academia, start-up companies, medtech and biotech, across various disease areas and technology types. She also contributed to numerous granted patents, co-authored multiple scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, presented at numerous national and international conferences, and earned multiple awards, including the NHMRC Dora Lush BioMedical Award, the Australian Defence Force Prince of Wales Award and the Australian Centre for HIV & Hepatitis Virology Young Investigator’s Award.  

Patricia joined Biointelect in 2019, initially leading the R&D Strategy and Planning team. She is now the Senior Director of Strategy, Marketing and Business Development, leading numerous projects in commercialisation strategy, business case development, planning and execution for key clients, including universities, research institutes, government, start-ups, and pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies.  

Brian Gilmartin

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Brian Gilmartin has more than 20 years of international experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked across Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and ANZ. He holds a Master of Science in Bioinformatics and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biological Sciences with a Biotechnology specialty.

Earlier in his career, Brian began as a Bioinformatics computer associate working in drug discovery startups before joining a genome project at the University of Cambridge, Institute of Medical Research. Brian crossed over to the pharmaceutical industry in 2004, focusing on regulatory affairs and gaining substantial experience in new product development, manufacturing and clinical with leading commercialisation consulting companies.

During the past decade, Brian has channeled his broad exposure across the pharmaceutical industry into building out a pharmaceutical products and services company across the JAPAC region supporting clinical trial supply, early access programs, unlicensed supply and the commercialisation of lifesaving medicines to address the unmet medical needs of patients.

Brian joined Biointelect and Biocelect in November 2023.

Shanaz Kanti-Paul

Head of People & Culture

Shanaz Kanti-Paul has over 15 years of experience in human resources across multiple industries, including heavy machinery, mining, construction, pharmaceuticals and most recently, technology. She holds a certification from AHRI as an HR practitioner and a Certificate IV in Industrial Relations. She is also a certified facilitator of the Mindful Leader Program.  


Shanaz joined Biointelect in 2023, providing exceptional experiences across the employee journey. She adeptly balances human and business needs to cultivate a positive, inclusive, and high-performance work environment, fostering teamwork, employee satisfaction, and shared success. She continuously explores innovative ways of working to improve business performance and enrich the employee experience helping the team achieve their goals. 

Katrina Lapham

Director, Strategic Market Access & Policy

Katrina Lapham has more than 15 years of international experience in the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and emerging markets. She holds a Master of Science from the London School of Economics, Policy and Management and a Bachelor’s in Economics (Honours) from the University of Western Australia. Her professional portfolio encompasses policy design and evaluation, funding model analysis, and program evaluation. 

Early in her career, Katrina began as a health policy analyst within the Australia Government Treasury and then joined Deloitte as an Associate Director of Health Economics and Social Policy. Later, she relocated to London, where she led market access strategy, policy and real-world evidence-generation projects. She has had broad exposure across the healthcare sector, collaborating with government bodies, industry , patient advocacy groups and other non-profit organisations. In recent years, she directed two multi-country real-world evidence studies focusing on neurodegenerative diseases.  

Katrina joined Biointelect in 2020 as the Director of Strategic Market Access and Policy, leading numerous projects with biopharmaceutical companies, government agencies and patient organisations. Her expertise contributes to the development of actionable strategies and support in areas such as reimbursement submissions, policy white papers, stakeholder engagement, internal workshops and reports.  

Jacqui Wade

Associate Director, Clinical Affairs & Director Services

Jacqui Wade brings over 30 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, holding a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Pharmacology and Physiology. Her career spans clinical research and product commercialisation across various therapeutic areas, including oncology, neuroscience, HIV, immunology, and infectious diseases, working for multinational corporations, small biotech, and a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO). 

Early in her career, Jacqui played a pivotal role in establishing a Phase I clinical trial unit at a generics company. Later, at Janssen and Pfizer, she managed Phase II–IV clinical trials for conditions like schizophrenia, dementia, infectious diseases and solid and haematological cancers. She then transitioned into commercial roles, excelling in New Product Commercialisation and in-line marketing. She successfully led PBS launches for pioneering therapies targeting prostate cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. More recently, Jacqui served as a Project Director at a CRO, overseeing Phase I-II clinical trials and supporting small to medium-sized biotech clients. She also held the position of Director, Business and Clinical Development at a small biotech company. 

Jacqui joined Biointelect in 2022, contributing her strategic mindset and project management skills to projects involving product development pathways and supporting businesses. Recently, Jacqui assessed an organisation’s market position, identified future opportunities, and developed action plans for commercial success. Her career reflects a wealth of experience and a strong track record in the life sciences industry.    

Dr Denison Chang

Consultant Manager

Dr. Denison Chang has almost 20 years of experience in the biotech industry. He holds 

a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation of Research from the Melbourne Business School. His expertise encompasses a wide range of skills, including portfolio prioritisation, road mapping of research translation, strategic project management, and defining target product/market profiles. 

Early in his career, Denison worked as a scientist, where he played a pivotal role in developing and validating in-house IVDs (serological and molecular) at a national reference laboratory and a WHO collaborating centre specialising in bloodborne and sexually transmitted infections. He then completed two postdoctoral positions in Biotech start-ups, one focused on discovering next-generation antibodies and the other on developing and manufacturing novel point-of-care tests. In his most recent role, he held a joint position at Virbac as a senior scientist and program manager, driving the development of a new vaccine. Denison managed a cross-functional international team spanning Australia, France, and Uruguay, overseeing the transition from traditional animal tests to lab-bench-based alternatives across assay development, validation, registration, and implementation.  

Denison joined Biointelect in 2021, leading the Bespoke Consortium Solutions service offering, specialising in complex projects that often involve multiple stakeholders across human and non-human applications, with a particular focus on IVDs and assays.

Azmena Hussain

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Azmena Hussain has over 10 years of regulatory affairs experience within the pharmaceutical industry, holding a bachelor’s in pharmacy (Honours) from the University of Sydney. Her expertise encompasses developing, establishing and strengthening pharmaceutical brands by integrating pillars of clinical development, market access and health authority expectations.  

Throughout her career, Azmena has provided strategic advice at key milestones, compliance and audit support, and partnered with cross-functional teams to mitigate regulatory risks and achieve both local and global commercial and medical objectives. She also has significant experience in international collaboration across agencies and registration pathways to deliver optimal regulatory outcomes.   

Azmena joined Biointelect in 2021, providing regulatory support for the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccine and therapy candidates at various stages of the development journey.  

Lena Miloradovic

Consultant – Project Management

Lena Miloradovic brings over 30 years of project management and operational experience in the biotech industry. She holds a Bachelor of Biological Science from La Trobe University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® by the Project Management Institute USA. Her extensive expertise encompasses managing complex projects in vaccine development and establishing efficient quality management systems. 

Early in her career, Lena joined CSL Research and Development (R&D) to manage the development of vaccines. Her roles included working with small biotech companies in R&D product development, program management, and the establishment of quality management systems. Her operational experience, covering manufacturing and quality aspects, provided a solid foundation for managing late-stage R&D vaccine development projects. This included overseeing the internationalisation of BioCSL influenza vaccines in the United States and Europe and leading product development studies and clinical trials for early-stage vaccines.  

Lena joined Biointelect in 2021 as the Project Manager for the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine. In this pivotal role, she provided support to Biocelect as the local sponsor, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams and international and local stakeholders to facilitate the introduction of this vaccine to the Australian and New Zealand populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also provided strategic project management support to the University of Melbourne and Doherty Institute collaboration on a COVID-19 vaccine candidate for Phase 1 clinical study. 

Dr Alysha Elliott

Project Manager

Dr. Alysha Elliott has over 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Bioscience from the University of Queensland, focusing on drug discovery. Her expertise spans molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and antimicrobial drug development.  

Throughout her career, Alysha managed preclinical evaluations of novel antimicrobials, led a crowd-sourcing screening program with over 330 participant groups, and conducted contract research for Biotech companies. She received the prestigious Endeavour Executive Fellowship in 2018, gaining commercialisation experience at Cambridge Enterprise (UK) and the biotech start-up Inflazome Pty Ltd, later acquired by Roche in 2020. Alysha’s work has resulted in over 70 peer-reviewed research articles and numerous awards, including the Antibiotic Guardian award for Research UK, finalist recognition in The Australian Innovation Challenge, Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, and the AusBiotech-GlaxoSmithKline Student Excellence Award in Translational Research. Her interdisciplinary infectious disease research attracted funding from globally recognized bodies such as the Wellcome Trust (UK), the National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA), and CARB-X (Combating Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator), supported by BARDA, GAMRIF, Wellcome, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. 

Alysha joined Biointelect in 2023 as a Project Manager, providing expertise in infectious diseases and facilitating the development of innovative therapies and diagnostics. 

Dr Esther S Pronker

Consultant – Scientific Affairs

Dr. Esther S Pronker has over 10 years of experience in the health and life sciences sectors. She holds a Ph.D. in Innovation Strategy in Vaccine Development from the Erasmus School of Economics. Her expertise lies in innovation management, business analysis, marketing and communication, project management, and stakeholder engagement. 

Esther’s previous experiences include positions at the University of New England, Western Sydney University, and Utrecht University, where she developed entrepreneurship-stimulating training programs, wrote scientific research impact strategies, developed innovation strategies for grant applications, and bridged the gap between early-stage academic research and industry. 

Esther joined Biointelect in 2023 as a scientific and medical affairs consultant, leading the development of the scientific affairs service offering. Her projects span the commercialisation spectrum from discovery, preclinical, and clinical projects for a wide range of infectious diseases and biosecurity agents. Esther has been involved with several MRFF, DFAT and CEPI grant applications and working directly with clients to review their growth strategy. 

Nathan Fox


Nathan Fox has almost ten years of experience consulting in pharmaceuticals, medical services, and devices across Australia, New Zealand, APAC, and Europe. He holds a Master of Economics and Public Health and a Bachelor of Commerce. His expertise spans health technology assessment, reimbursement systems and processes. 

Throughout his career, Nathan has successfully developed submissions for global pharmaceutical companies to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) in Australia and New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC), gaining expertise in product positioning and financial modelling. Nathan also worked at PHARMAC reviewing the therapeutic positioning, health economic and financial implications of potential funding options for medicines, vaccines and rare diseases.  

Nathan joined Biointelect in 2021 as a consultant in the Strategic Market Access & Policy team. His contributions have included advising vaccine companies on funding submissions and negotiations, authoring published position papers for Medicines Australia (‘Submission to the PBAC on the base case discount rate’), and academic articles for the industry (‘Value of vaccines: a tale of two parts’). Additionally, Nathan has delivered a commercialisation valuation cost-benefit analysis submission to state government and provided guidance to early-stage product developers and clinical trial industry operators on product value propositions.  

Shreyas Dighe

Consultant – Regulatory Affairs

Shreyas Dighe holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Innovation and Development from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He has experience in medical device development, leading cross-functional teams of R&D, Operations, Manufacturing, Quality, and Regulatory for the development and realisation of multiple products for global markets 

Shreyas has a strong regulatory background, securing clearances for multiple products for USFDA and CE (MDD and MDR). He also has led the establishment of several Quality Management Systems and quality and regulatory audits for ISO 13485, USFDA, CE, and Manufacturing Licenses. In his previous role as a Project Manager, Shreyas was responsible for managing end-to-end product development, technology transfer, and sustenance. He also has track records in the development of commercialisation strategies for multiple products for global markets and the development of training modules and programs for operators at several contract manufacturers. 

Shreyas joined Biointelect in 2022 as a consultant within the Regulatory Affairs team. His focus is on assisting clients and teams with strategic regulatory advice in translating medical devices, diagnostics, and combination products from ideation to commercialisation. His recent projects include the development of a regulatory strategy for MedTech startups, the commercialisation and translation pathway of novel diagnostics, strategic design and regulatory advice, and operational and commercial model options development of a facility. 

Carolyn Austin


Carolyn Austin holds a Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering from the University of Sydney. In her final year of her degree, Carolyn completed an honours thesis in the tissue engineering field. During her undergraduate degree, she was awarded the Sydney Medical School Summer Research Scholarship, which she undertook at the ANZAC Research Institute, modelling inherited peripheral neuropathies in worms. As a part of her degree, Carolyn completed an internship at Biointelect, in which she gained experience in cell and gene therapies and policy related to pharmaceutical development, clinical trials, and HTA. 

Carolyn joined Biointelect in 2020 and has since worked on a wide range of projects in the commercialisation of early and late-stage technologies for Australian and international research organisations and biotechnology companies, strategic market access and policy projects for multinational pharmaceutical companies and state governments. These projects have spanned multiple therapeutic areas, including antimicrobial resistance, infectious diseases, oncology, rare diseases, genomics and regenerative medicine, across various technology types, including therapeutics vaccines, diagnostics, and digital therapeutics.

Sophie Goddard


Sophie holds a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Marketing and International Business and a Bachelor of Advanced Studies in Business from the University of Sydney. 

Prior to joining Biointelect, Sophie began her career in KPMG’s Management Consulting division in the Policy, Economics, and Public Impact team. In this role, she supported a diverse range of clients within the Health and Aged Care sector. Sophie gained valuable experience during her studies by working with Accenture in the United Kingdom as an external student consultant. Here, she collaborated with an interdisciplinary team to design digital solutions for the UK National Health Service, addressing key health challenges faced by elderly populations. 

Sophie joined Biointelect in 2022 in the Strategic Market Access and Policy team. In her role at Biointelect, Sophie supports clients in navigating policy, developing strategies, and driving implementation. Her experience with Biointelect has further enriched her understanding of the healthcare and biopharmaceutical sector, including its operational environment, workflow, and strategic priorities. Sophie has contributed to the development of business cases, conducted commercial assessments, crafted strategic plans, designed operational models, evaluated programs, engaged stakeholders, and managed projects. Her work has spanned various therapeutic areas, including genomics and regenerative medicine. 

Dr Jack Lambshead

Senior Associate

Dr. Jack Lambshead has over 10 years of experience across the scientific, biopharma, and clinical sectors – with a focus on advanced therapy medicinal products. He holds a Ph.D. in stem cell biology and materials science from Monash University, CSIRO, and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute.  

Early in his career, Jack worked at a medical affairs consultancy, where he gained experience in developing scientific materials for rare diseases. He has experience in medical writing, scientific editing, and streamlining clinical ethics and governance applications. 

Jack joined Biointelect in 2021, where he contributed to AusBiotech’s “The Regenerative Medicine Value Chain” report, led the development of their “National Cell and Gene Manufacturing Blueprint.”, developed the business case for RNA manufacturing and R&D, and participated in the commercialisation of early- and late-stage technologies for Australian and international research organisations and biotechnology companies. Jack’s project portfolio spans a wide array of areas, including cell and gene therapies, RNA, oncology, rare diseases, immunology, and anti-microbial resistance. Most recently, Jack took on an internal secondment with the regulatory affairs team. 

Jemima James

Senior Associate – Business Development & Partners

Jemima James holds a Master of Biomedical Science in Stem Cell and Neural Development and a Bachelor of Science in from the University of Melbourne.  

Prior to working at Biointelect, Jemima worked in sales, where she played a role in the successful launch of three new medicinal cannabis products in both adult and paediatric markets. Later, her career path led her to GSK, where she served as a Vaccines Account Manager, contributing to the introduction of a new adult vaccine to the market. 

Jemima joined Biointelect in 2022 as an Associate within the Commercialisation team. Her role allowed her to gain invaluable experience in various aspects of commercialisation, including strategy development, market assessments, and facilitating training programs focused on life science investment in Australia. In 2023, Jemima moved into the Business Development and Partnerships team, actively supporting the execution of the BD strategy, contributing to the growth and success of Biointelect. She continues to engage in project work, further enhancing her knowledge to identify better and address client needs.  

Mark Boylett

Senior Associate

Mark Boylett holds a Master’s in Health Economics from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and a Master of Pharmacy from the University of Brighton. 

Prior to working at Biointelect Mark held a role as a health economics for a large multinational pharmaceutical company. During his time there, he supported various value and access business functions, ranging from country-level to global structures. Mark honed his market access skills with placements as a HE&OR manager with the UK oncology team and in a project management capacity, where he contributed to the global launch of an oncology immunotherapy product.  

Mark joined Biointelect in 2022 in the strategic market access and policy team. Since joining, he has been involved in a diverse range of projects, primarily focused on market access and commercialisation across various customer groups. These projects have covered government entities, local pharmaceutical companies, and global multinational pharmaceutical organisations. Mark has also worked across several therapeutic areas, including infectious diseases and rare disease projects. His passion lies in optimising patient care and addressing unmet patient needs by improving access to innovative medicines. 

Audrey Rollin

Senior Associate

Dr. Audrey Rollin

holds a PhD in Health & Biomedical Informatics from the University of Sydney, specialising in empowering healthcare professionals to enhance care for Australians treated for Melanoma using technology. She also completed a Master’s in International Marketing and Communications and a Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology from Paris and Joensuu, Finland, providing a holistic approach to healthcare challenges. She has experience in the digital health and medical research sectors.

Throughout her career, Audrey worked across various roles in marketing, research, project management, and product development in government and multinational companies in Australia and overseas. She led improvements in a national digital mental health therapeutics platform at St Vincent Hospital Sydney. Prior to that, Audrey contributed her expertise to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), where she supported the business development of the Minimizing Antimicrobial Resistance Mission. Her responsibilities included establishing strategic priorities, developing a measurement and evaluation framework, and creating pathways to impact in close collaboration with key stakeholders from the five sectors of One Health. Additionally, she managed strategic research projects aimed at laying the groundwork for the Mission’s objectives. 

Audrey joined Biointelect in 2023 as a Senior Associate, where her focus will be on digital health and marketing.   

Xin Yuan Quek


Quek Xin Yuan holds a Bachelor of Economics, specialising in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics from Macquarie University. 

Prior to working at Biointelect, Quek worked as an economic policy researcher at the NSW Ministry of Health, Office for Health and Medical Research (OHMR), where she performed economic impact assessments for health and medical research grants. Her role extended to providing recommendations to senior staff, illuminating economic implications within OHMR programs, and collaborating with senior officers to enhance data management practices and implement a robust risk management system. 

Quek joined Biointelect as a member of the Strategic Market Access and Policy team. Her work encompasses various projects, including health technology assessments, policy paper write-ups, and market assessments. She has collaborated with clients from pharmaceutical companies, health organisations, and the government.  

Crystal Nguyen


Crystal Nguyen holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Melbourne, where she managed a multifaceted research project aimed at advancing gene therapy for degenerative eye diseases.  

Prior to working at Biointelect, Crystal completed an internship with the Research, Innovation, and Commercialisation team at the University of Melbourne. During this period, she conducted market research and competitive analysis to assess the patentability and commercial potential of new technologies developed at the university. 

Crystal joined Biointelect in March 2023, contributing to various commercialisation projects for universities, research institutes, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Her primary focus has been on market assessments, identification of growth opportunities, and developing pathways to the market. 

Frances Ryan


Frances Ryan holds a Master of Engineering (Biomedical with Business) and a Bachelor of Biomedicine with a major in Immunology from the University of Melbourne. 

Frances’ experience includes working at a US-based startup, where she was involved in validating a biopreservation technology for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Additionally, she conducted biomechanics and tissue engineering research at the University of Melbourne’s Integrative Cartilage Research Group. Frances also has experience in financial services and academic research, including writing investor insight reports for a venture capital and private equity healthcare fund. Her work involved market assessment, scientific and economic evaluation of key healthcare markets, and potential investment companies.  

Frances joined Biointelect in 2023, working on several projects, including conducting market assessments, developing business cases and implementation plans, and creating commercial and operating models for a biomedical translational facility.  

Jessica Green

Project Officer

Jessica Green has developed experience across a wide range of industries, including Finance, Property and Recruitment. 

Jess joined Biointelect in 2022 as a Project officer to provide business support to our consulting teams and clients. Her role involves providing support to the Market Access and Policy Teams for project management.  

Vasanthi Gunasekaran

Project Officer

Vasanthi Gunasekaran has a Master of Law with a focus on Finance and Business from Singapore Management University and a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, United Kingdom.  

Vasanthi has worked closely with SMEs, where she has led teams engaged in client engagement, business development, and operations.  

Vasanthi joined Biointelect in 2023 as a Project Officer, offering essential business support to our consulting teams and clients. Her role also involves providing support to the business development and clinical affairs teams for project management. 

Nicole Sidwell

Project Officer

Nicki Sidwell holds a Certificate 4 in Business through Macquarie Business College and completed a Scrum Master training in Agile Project Management through Epic Consulting Services. 

Previously, Nicki worked at Novartis Oncology for 18 years. During her time there, Nicki provided marketing and sales support across the key marketed Oncology brands. Event management of Novartis Sales Conferences and Scientific Meetings. Her recent position was the Customer Operation Manager for the logistical management of Novartis’ CAR-T therapy in Australia.  

Nicki joined Biointelect in 2023 as a Project Officer, supporting the consulting teams and their clients to achieve the best results for them. 

Benjamin Herz

Business Assistant

Benjamin Herz is currently completing a Bachelor of Economics at Macquarie University. 

Previously, Benjamin worked at Harris Farm Markets for four years, doing inventory management, customer relations and floor management. He has also completed work experience at the Sydney Royal North Shore Hospital in the microbiology department.  

Benjamin joined Biointelect in 2020 as an Office Assistant, where he helped with the day-to-day running of the Biointelect office. In early 2022, he transitioned to Business Assistant, where he helps with reporting, marketing, business development, and other operational aspects of the business.