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Nanoparticle Drug Reformation: A Biointelect Product Development Strategy

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With oncology treatments rapidly growing in interest, the quest to refine and perfect drug delivery mechanisms is paramount. Utilising nanoparticles, a biotech company stands on the verge of reformulating three approved oncology drugs, targeting the expansive US and EU markets. 

Biointelect has played a critical role in sculpting the company’s strategy, from inception to investor readiness. It is with Biointelect’s assistance that the biotech company could pivot from concept to a formidable market contender, with a clear and strategic vision for investor engagement.


In the realm of oncology, effective drug delivery can redefine patient outcomes. The biotech company, recognising this pivotal need, set out to reformulate three already approved oncology drugs – encompassing both small molecules and biologics.

As they geared up for a grand entry into the US and EU markets, the need for a compelling investor pitch became evident. A comprehensive assessment of market potential and a well-curated pitch deck were prerequisites.

Our 360° Approach

Recognising the transformative potential of the biotech company’s initiative, Biointelect embarked on a meticulous, data-driven exploration to shape a cogent market and investment narrative. 

We began by delving deep into oncology, gauging evolving treatment protocols, competitors, and prevailing patient care pathways in key regions. Beyond this foundational understanding, we sought to identify areas of unmet need, conducting a comparative analysis between existing treatments and the potential of the nanoparticle reformulated drugs. 

Translating these technical intricacies into tangible business metrics, we constructed a robust revenue model that captured the potential financial upside across the US and EU markets.

While the science was undoubtedly advanced, its real-world application required a careful strategic alignment. Guiding the client, we navigated the complex terrains of licensing and strategic positioning, ensuring they were on the optimal pathway for market entry and potential divestiture in the future.

 The capstone of our collaboration was the creating a compelling pitch deck. This investor-focused narrative balanced the company’s technical prowess with its significant business potential, ensuring the client’s vision was both lucid and compelling.

Services Provided

  • Comprehensive analysis of the oncology market dynamics across key regions, coupled with an in-depth exploration of the prevailing standard of care and established patient treatment pathways.
  • Pinpointing the gaps in the current landscape – identifying unmet needs and crafting a resonant value proposition for each of the three lead candidates.
  • Conducting an exhaustive market assessment, followed by the development of a top-line revenue model tailored for the pivotal markets.
  • Providing expert advice on navigating the complex terrain of licensing, coupled with insights on potential exit strategies.
  • Crafting a detailed 25-30 slide pitch deck, poised to captivate potential investors.

Outcomes & Future development​

Our joint venture yielded tangible results:

  • A detailed revenue forecast for the US and EU regions, amplifying the investment case.
  • A crystal-clear articulation of the unmet needs in the oncology space, accompanied by compelling value propositions for the trio of lead candidates.
  • Comprehensive insights on regulatory strategies, clinical design considerations, and guidance on licensing and potential exit avenues.
  • With a compelling and comprehensive pitch deck in hand, the company now stands on the threshold of its next venture, poised to present their groundbreaking vision to a suite of potential investors.

With the foundations firmly laid, the future beckons with promises of redefining oncology treatments, opening new doors for patients worldwide.

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