Cancer Survivorship in Australia

Over the past few decades, many cancers once thought to be fatal have become curable or amenable to long term control. BMS Australia commissioned Biointelect to conduct research into the Australian cancer survivorship landscape to see available programs and services for ‘cancer survivors’, their challenges, the gaps in services and how to address them.  Biointelect […]

Fighting Super Bugs

In 2019, Biointelect and MTPConnect convened a multi-disciplinary workshop to bring together key stakeholders in the sector (Regulators, state / territory governments, academia, industry) to discuss the threat of antimicrobial resistance and what could be achieved in collaboration.  This workshop led to the creation of the report ‘Fighting Superbugs: A Report on the Inaugural Meeting […]

AMR Industry Position Paper

Biointelect identified a need to coordinate an industry position on antimicrobial resistance. In partnership with Medicines Australia, AusBiotech, CSIRO, Pfizer and MSD we convened a workshop and developed the following AMR industry position paper. This work was also showcased at Parliament House at PharmAus2019 to raise awareness on this critical public health issue and the […]

Six Months in a Leaky Boat

Six Months in a Leaky Boat featured in 2019 at the ARCS (Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists) conference, it explored the reasons for uncertainty contributing to rejections of reimbursement submissions at Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefit Advisory Committee (the PBAC).  Companies spend a considerable amount of time and money developing submissions for the PBAC, the evaluation […]