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Biointelect enables the commercialisation of new therapies by helping our clients to develop and drive integrated strategy, identify and evaluate new business opportunities and engage with the right partners.

Founded in 2012, Biointelect channels the vision of co-founders Jennifer and Karl Herz to bring innovative science to market. Our local and international experience across multiple areas within the life sciences sector places us at the forefront of advancing healthcare for all.

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At Biointelect, we ensure you navigate the right path to market for new health technologies by providing industry-leading commercialisation consulting at each stage of the development pathway.

Our services extend from product development strategy, clinical affairs and director services, commercialisation and regulatory strategy, to market access pathways and government and health policy.

A Proven Track Record

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Our approach ensures a trusted partnership to complement the capabilities of your team. Consulting across the entire life science ecosystem, Biointelect is uniquely positioned to provide clients with expert guidance, and agile fit for purpose approach, including identifying potential future challenges and meeting evolving sector requirements.

Biointelect have proudly worked with a diverse network of client innovators including early-stage biotech and medtech companies, pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes, government, and other not-for-profit organisations both in Australia and around the globe.


Discover the latest resources, news, white papers and policy position papers from the life science sector through the global lens of our Biointelect experts.

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Wherever you are in your new product journey, Biointelect’s unique expertise across each stage of the life science value chain means we are ready to bring your innovative life science to market.

Take the next steps in advancing healthcare for all by contacting our team of local Australian and global life science experts today.