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Research and Development Strategy and Planning

At Biointelect, our passion lies in driving the new frontier of healthcare research and development. Our global view and dynamic approach support early-stage companies and research groups through their technology development journey, culminating in establishing the most effective pathway to market.

Our Research and Development Strategy and Planning Services

We provide expert guidance to ensure you are grant-ready, partner-ready, and investor-ready as you approach each phase of the pathway to market.

Biointelect has an experienced team in research and development strategy and planning across a broad range of clients, including start-ups, small to medium enterprises, research institutes, universities, non-government and government organisations.


Biointelect stands at the forefront of clinical trials and regulatory affairs in Australia. As your collaborative partner, we provide invaluable clinical trial strategic direction and project management throughout the product development pathway.

Why partner with Biointelect?

Our team has extensive experience in Phase I to IV clinical trial oversight across a range of therapeutic areas, including vaccines, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, dermatology and immunology.

Our 360° Approach

By conducting your clinical trials in Australia, you can leverage all the benefits of the Australian clinical research environment to successfully conduct your study with faster start-up timelines, efficient regulatory and ethics assessment, and attractive tax incentives.

Strategic Project Management

Starting with the end in mind, Biointelect can streamline your path to market through strategic expertise and tailored planning to drive each stage of the product development journey towards an impactful outcome.

Our strategic project management expertise means we can support you by:

  • Mapping a streamlined path to market for your product.
  • Leveraging our proven track record in working with a range of stakeholders from simple to complex projects.
  • By remaining agile, we specialise in navigating complex projects to deliver transformative solutions and impactful outcomes.
Why Biointelect For Research And Development Strategy And Planning?
Patient First

Patients First

We prioritise patients by streamlining your path to market, ensuring your healthcare innovations reach them faster.

Specialist Insights

Specialist Insights

Benefit from our deep technical expertise across various disease areas, allowing us to fully understand your project’s unique needs.

Navigating Complexity

Navigating Complexity

We engage a wide range of stakeholders to bring clarity to your development goals, ensuring a smoother journey towards improving patients’ lives.

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Wherever you are in your new product journey, Biointelect’s unique expertise across each stage of the life science value chain means we are ready to bring your innovative life science to market. 

Take the next steps in advancing healthcare for all by contacting our team of local Australian and global life science experts today.

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