National Cell and Gene Manufacturing Blueprint

With the rapid and ongoing global growth of cell and gene (C&G) products, there is an opportunity for Australia to be a regional C&G hub. This report was commissioned by AusBiotech and delivered by Biointelect to build on 2021’s Regenerative Medicines Consortium Programme and produce a National Blueprint for the strategic growth and development of […]

Pioneering A New Children’s Food Allergy Treatment

With the evolution of biotechnology, addressing allergy treatments for children offers hope for a future where the young can lead lives unrestricted by common food allergens. 

A pre-clinical stage Biotech Company aimed to develop its first product for novel food allergy treatment in children through clinical proof of concept before partnering with a global pharmaceutical firm and its currently raising capital to support pre-clinical development program. 

With the collaborative assistance of Biointelect, the company’s venture to secure investors was strategically streamlined, ensuring their pioneering approach to children’s food allergy treatments was robustly supported, well-researched, and optimally positioned in the market.

Nanoparticle Drug Reformation: A Biointelect Product Development Strategy

With oncology treatments rapidly growing in interest, the quest to refine and perfect drug delivery mechanisms is paramount. Utilising nanoparticles, a biotech company stands on the verge of reformulating three approved oncology drugs, targeting the expansive US and EU markets. 

Biointelect has played a critical role in sculpting the company’s strategy, from inception to investor readiness. It is with Biointelect’s assistance that the biotech company could pivot from concept to a formidable market contender, with a clear and strategic vision for investor engagement.

Bringing Patient Centricity to Life in Australian Healthcare

The current healthcare environment in Australia offers various opportunities for stakeholders, including patients, to engage with the health system and government in reform efforts. These opportunities arise from factors such as increased awareness of the importance of efficient approval processes for medicines and vaccines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing reviews of health technology assessment […]

Roundtable: Response and resilience of the Australian life sciences sector

As the world emerges from the pandemic, it is critical to reflect on what has been learned and how to make strategic and sustainable investments for the future. Australia must identify and prioritise local investments, co-designed with stakeholders, and collaborating with the global life sciences sector.  Effective investments have the potential to deliver benefits across […]

Strengthening Australia’s Approach to Horizon Scanning for New Therapies

Horizon scanning is a process or system which seeks to systematically identify and assess the potential impact of new and emerging health technologies on patients and other healthcare system stakeholders.  This facilitates proactive planning for the arrival of new health technologies. BMS convened the Shaping Healthcare Together Roundtable, under the Broadening the Evidence project, online […]

Submission to the PBAC on the Base Case Discount Rate

Discount rates reflect how society values future outcomes compared to present outcomes. When applied to medicines, inappropriately high discount rates disadvantage treatments which have longer term health benefits, such as preventative or curative treatments, disproportionately discriminating against patients who could benefit from treatments where the benefits are realised over a longer period of time. As […]

A Regulatory Strategy For Innovative Drug Device Combination

In the realm of drug and device regulations, having a partner to navigate the complexities can significantly alter a company’s trajectory. 

Biointelect collaborated with an early-stage Australian manufacturing firm, crafting a preliminary regulatory strategy for their innovative drug device combination, ensuring they’re not just compliant but also competitive.

At the crossroads of innovation and regulation, the firm sought a strategic compass which they found in Biointelect. This partnership ensured the firm was not only set on a path of compliance but also primed for success in the competitive drug-device landscape.

HTA Roadmap For a New Vaccine in Australia

The landscape of vaccines in Australia is marked by stringent guidelines and a competitive marketplace and above all a focus on patient outcomes. 

Biointelect partnered with a pharmaceutical company, well-versed in the Australian market but new to the vaccine domain, to develop a roadmap that would not only introduce their new vaccine but also potentially secure it a coveted position on the National Immunisation Program (NIP) with premium pricing.